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When you purchase the BSE Estimator Suite, you receive a modified QuickBooks company file. This QuickBooks company file is specifically designed for a homebuilder, remodeler, or general contractor.

It is critical to understand that a builder is responsible for two very different types of accounting processes. The first type is job cost and the second is General Ledger accounting. The special QuickBooks company file that you receive from BSE, completely covers both ends of the spectrum. BSE has been a Beta test company for newly emerging products from QuickBooks since the introduction of QuickBooks in the early 1990s.

The BSE created QuickBooks company file handles all project expenditures as Assets and all project revenues as Liabilities while the job is in progress. Upon completion of the project, Assets are converted to Cost of Goods Sold and Liabilities are converted to Income. As a by product of the way this company file is set up, the builder's General Ledger and job cost accounting will always be mathematically sound. If your banker requests financials, you simply print them off of your QuickBooks and your financial picture is rock solid at that moment in time.

BSE Estimator talks to QuickBooks and QuickBooks talks back! Update Pricing and Items of an Estimate Back to Your Master List in the Blink of an Eye. Update pricing from checks written in QuickBooks back to the Estimator, allowing the program to keep up with the latest current pricing. Insert Estimates from the BSE Estimator into a holding tank in QuickBooks. Further extract price increases after having written checks in QuickBooks and insert them backwards into the BSE Estimator. As you can see the information flows both directions.

As with all BSE products, training and support is provided.