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BSE Estimator

The "BSE" Estimator will save you time and money! In your hands, this tool will help you efficiently schedule your jobs, calculate complex assemblies and deliver an accurate bottom line.

We have new features that no other company in the world can offer!

Check out some of the awesome features included in the new "BSE" Estimator

  • We Talk To QuickBooks, And QuickBooks Talks Back.

Update Pricing and Items of an Estimate Back to Your Master List in the Blink of an Eye. Update pricing from checks written in QuickBooks back to the Estimator, allowing the program to keep up with the latest current pricing. Insert Estimates from the BSE Estimator into a holding tank in QuickBooks. Further extract price increases after having written checks in QuickBooks and insert them backwards into the BSE Estimator. As you can see the information flows both directions.

  • The "BSE Update Service"

  • Automatically calls home to BSE internet servers every time you start the program. This service will keep you updated with all new and most current updates and assemblies available.

  • New "Create Estimate Wizard"

  • Walks you step by step in creating the new estimate.

  • Best "Report Wizard" Ever and Multiple Detailed Filtering Tools for Reports Included

  • Filter screen or report anyway you want (i.e. by labor, material, bid amount, report groups, etc.) Allows a choice of ten different estimate reports, filter and customize these reports any way you would like. Ability to print company logo on any estimate report.

  • New "Phasing System"

  • You figure plumbing by pvc, copper, tubing, fixtures, etc. You pay it out by payments of rough, top-out, and a final. How accurate is your current variance report if you have only paid one phase in this process? With the New BSE interface to QuickBooks each phase is taken into consideration independently of the others. Your variance report could not be more accurate.

  • The Art of Creating an Estimate From Previous Estimates is Simplified

  • More User Friendly and Intuitive Look and Feel

  • Flexible and Detailed Worksheet Control

  • Limitless Amount of Subcategories

  • New "Find" Feature

  • Ability to Calculate by Additional Units

  • New and Improved "Scheduling"

  • Constantly Updateable "Assemblies"

  • As formulas are received from out in the field from our builder/client base, we will be constantly updating the assembly library. With a current Annual Service Contract (ASC) you can continuously update your personal assembly library. As we get better, you get better.

  • Completely Networkable

  • Tighter Integration with QuickBooks and Windows Than All Previous Versions.

  • Ability to Calculate a Different Profit or Tax on any Individual Item

  • Export Schedules to Custom Built Websites by BSE

  • Customers can see progress of projects under construction by going to their private backdoor on the builder's dynamic website built by BSE. This exclusive entrance allows on going communication between the builder and his customers as well as a private photo gallery and the update schedule feature.

    And Much More!

    System Requirements:
    PC using a Pentium or compatible processor on
    Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.
    The BSE Estimator will run on both 32 & 64 bit platforms.
    40MB Hardrive
    128 MB of RAM