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QuickBooks® for Homebuilding

Learn the proper way to use QuickBooks® for your construction business. Setup QuickBooks® so that your job cost and general ledger are always in balance. Also, learn things like:

1. The difference in "Job Cost vs. General Ledger Accounting" in QuickBooks®.

2. How to make "Settlement Statement" entries into QuickBooks®.

3. How to "Close a Job" to the "General Ledger" in QuickBooks®.

4. How to handle "Change Orders", "Warranty Work", "Payroll and Job Related Timesheets" within QuickBooks® and so much more!

You are invited to attend a 1 1/2 hour seminar from the convenience of your own office with Rick Powell. Rick has taught this course on a national stage at the IBS (International Builders Show). Rick is the President of Builders Software which is a Gold Developer for QuickBooks®. Check out this link for more information on Builders Software's relationship with Intuit, the owner of QuickBooks®: QuickBooks® Marketplace

All attendees will receive a 69 page PDF named "QuickBooks® for Homebuilders" and a QuickBooks® company file modified for a construction business.

The price of the class package is $300. This seminar is scheduled for May 29th or June 26th, 2015 at 1:00 PM Central Standard Time. The seminar will be held over GoToMeeting. There are only 25 seats in the classroom and these seats are sold on a first come, first served basis.

Below is the class curriculum:

QuickBooks® for Homebuilding
Introduction 03
Chapter 1. How does accounting for construction differ from other types of accounting? 04
a. Job Cost vs. General Ledger Accounting 04
b. Job Cost Accounting and your CPA 04
c. QuickBooks® Premier Contractors Edition 05
d. Completed Contract Method of Accounting 05
e. Profit & Loss vs. Balance Sheet 06
f. Accrual vs. Cash Accounting 08
Chapter 2. Setting up QuickBooks® for a homebuilding business. 09
a. Chart of Accounts 10
b. Items List 12
c. Preferences 14
d. Reports 17
Chapter 3. Create Estimates 19
Chapter 4. How to Enter Transactions in QuickBooks® 20
a. How to Handle Money Going into Your Business Account 21
b. Progress Invoicing 22
c. Time and Materials or Cost Plus 25
d. Receiving Payments and Making Deposits 28
e. How to Handle Money Going Out of Your Business Account 30
Chapter 5. Settlement Statement Entries 34
Chapter 6. Close a Job to the General Ledger 46
Chapter 7. Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Always Mathematically Sound 49
Chapter 8. Miscellaneous Type Entries that are Homebuilder Specific 50
a. Lot Purchase and First Draw 50
b. Warranty Work 61
c. Payroll and Job Related Timesheets 63
d. Change Orders 65
Glossary 69

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